The Best Skin-Care Products of 2022

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When you ask your friends, partners, or roommates what their favorite perk is, they’ll probably skip right over our unwavering love and say it’s all the skin-care products we try out.

We’ve tested the best face products for women, some with “what a deal!” price tags and others with “are you serious” price tags, so we know precisely which products are suitable for exfoliating, washing, hydrating and protecting the faces of our loved ones.

What makes Quadha one of the leading Skincare Manufacturers in Singapore?

We believe that everyone deserves younger and smoother skin, and that is why we have infused the 5D Hyaluronic Acid in all our products. This is a technology consisting of 5 blends of molecules, which accurately targets and repairs each layer of your skin to offer the much-needed repair and hydration.

Apart from that, we have collaborated with a France-based laboratory to develop CT50. Our partner, Revitacare Lab specializes in cosmetology, aesthetic medicine, and manufacturing implants. CT50 includes a variety of Amino acids, nucleic acids, antioxidants and minerals, and vitamins, which can deeply nourish your skin while improving the skin’s vitality.

At Quadha, we offer Ampoules, creams, masks, and sprays – everything you need to retain your beauty.

So, let us now give you some brief ideas on these skincare products and how they can benefit your skin.


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An ampoule is a tiny, single-use container, most frequently made of glass that holds a serum that has been supercharged with the maximum concentrations of active chemicals. The word “ampoule” comes from a word that means “little parcel.” Although ampoules and serums both address particular skin issues, they are not the same.

Three main distinctions between ampoules are:

  • They have extremely high active component concentrations
  • They are kept in tiny, single-use vials to deliver the ideal dosage each time
  • They are placed in airtight containers and sealed, to prevent oxidization.

The use of ampoules is excellent in addressing skin issues that your current skincare regimen can’t handle by itself. They truly focus on whatever it is you want them to achieve, whether it be blemish management, pigmentation fading, or hydration, due to their high-concentration compositions of strong components. Quadha Ampoules can be used in your routine: after your toner and/or essence but before your favorite moisturizer. Always apply good skin care brands from thin to thick when in doubt.


One of the most potent moisturizing substances used in cosmetics is hyaluronic acid (HA). It is a humectant, which means that it acts like a sponge to draw moisture from the environment to the top layers of the skin.

Our Hyaluronic acid molecules are so good at hydrating the skin and keeping it moist and dewy all day because they can attract up to 1,000 times their weight in water. Hyaluronic acid can also help smooth out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the water content of the skin.

Many skincare products include hyaluronic acid, however leave-on products (including toners, essences, serums, and moisturizers) will provide the optimum hydration. Depends on your skin type, for oily skin, advised to use a water or gel-based product containing hyaluronic acid, and for dry skin, an oil-based product. However, if you’re using a pure serum, you must put it on top of a moisturizer and/or facial oil.


Any skincare advice you look for online will almost certainly mention hyaluronic acid. In today’s market, hyaluronic acid has taken the place of a magic ingredient in a variety of cosmetics, including serums, moisturizers, and masks.

Your skin’s recovery is greatly aided by our hyaluronic acid mask. This material is more common naturally when there is damage that has to be repaired. By controlling inflammation levels and lowering the likelihood of new breakouts due to its antibacterial qualities, using products containing HA promotes quicker healing of wounds, breakouts, and other conditions.

It might make you appear lifeless and drab to have dry, flaky skin. This all-in-one component gives the skin nourishment and boosts the generation of new skin cells to give it a radiant appearance. Eliminating pollutants and dead skin cells through our 5D HA Technology keeps skin issues at bay and keeps you looking young and supple.


You might be wondering what a moisturizing spray is. It’s a liquid that you spray on your skin that includes water, vitamins, and other ingredients that assist the water molecules to stick to the skin and moisturizing it. To put it another way, it’s the substance you spritz on your face whenever you pass a makeup shop with free samples.

To further explain, humectants, occlusives, and emollients are often included in our spray for it to be considered moisturizing.

A prudent beauty routine, like a flexible outfit, is all about layers. Yes, you may spray before you moisturize, and you can also spritz a few times after you apply your makeup to help it set.

Sometimes you don’t have time to change your appearance from day to night, and you have to perform a rapid miracle between calling it quits and kicking off happy hour. One approach to make it work is to use our moisturizing spray to refresh your make-up from the day before.

When traveling by air, rail, or vehicle, having your face spray on hand is essential.

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