QUADHA Youth Lustrous Polypeptide Essence


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Ground-breaking anti-aging product ! Essence for overall skin brightening and antioxidant. ✨

Inspired from featured ingredients, Lustrous Polypeptide is added to replace Glycyrrhiza Glabra extracts.

This PolyPeptide can inhibit melanin synthesis to prevent pigmentation spots from forming.

By eliminating the root cause for sign of aging, this innovative combination of Lustrous Polypeptide + Lilium Candidum Extracts+ Fullerene delivers long lasting anti-aging result !!!

✨【Lilium Candidum Extracts】

Originating from Crete, we only select the lily with flower strains at minimum diameter of 120mm. After 7 steps of technological processes and strict selection, only the best lily can be the extract ingredient. Pair with our featured polypeptides, offering the skin with the power of anti-aging and brightening.


• 30ml (30 x 1ml individually packed ampoules)


• Anti-oxidant improvement for skin cells

• Accelerates collagen synthesis to reduce fine lines

• Naturally soothing for a radiant complexion.

• Light and soft texture, easy absorption

• Internal repair and recover for skin cells

• Build up a natural shield for your skin

• Instant skin moisturizing

*Benefits subjects to individual condition (ie. diet , lifestyle, existing skin conditions)

– Direction of Use

✔️Use 1/2 tube for the first 3-5 times of use

✔️Apply to face and neck area at night , after toner and before night cream

✔️To get a better sense of how your skin is reacting to the ingredients, please drip 2 drops on arm to observe

✔️Skin may feel a slight stingy sensation after application, it’s normal.

*If stingy sensation persists or turns stronger, please stop using.

✔️Observe the changes in your skin

increase usage based on the needs of your skin

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