Can I use Ampoules for Pimple and Acne Treatment?

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In the past several years, Korean skincare products have been increasingly popular in Singapore’s beauty industry. You now have a K-beauty essential in your vanity, we’re quite sure. Koran skincare products are a favorite among beauty aficionados due to their efficacy. Ampoules for skin are the K-beauty item that skincare fans are now obsessed with.

These strong, viscous fluids have the appearance of face serums. They are filled with active substances and packaged in vials that resemble drippers.

Before deciding to use skin ampoules in your skincare regimen, this information might help you:

What Do Skin Ampoules Do?

Ampoules are particularly fascinating to the unfamiliar due to their closeness to serums and their nomenclature, which has a somewhat scientific quality. Contrary to toners and cleansers, which tone and cleanse respectively, the word ampoule doesn’t convey what these current treatments perform. It’s safe to say that skin ampoules are one of the more puzzling skincare products on the market given their beginnings in the fascinating, ever-changing world of Korean skincare.

Skin ampoules are not as confusing as they sound, though. Here, we’ll explain what ampoules are and how they work. You’ll learn how to include this powerful program into your skincare regimen as well as about our indispensable ampoule treatment.

According to official definitions, an ampoule is a tiny, tightly-sealed glass jar that holds some kind of liquid medication. The French term “ampule”, which describes the vial rather than the liquid it is held in, is where the name ampoule originates. Naturally, skin ampoules don’t fully fit this formal description. While there isn’t a single definition of a skin ampoule, they are typically thought of as highly concentrated liquid therapies that are intended to aid with a particular skin issue, such as dark spots and discolorations.

Ampoules, like the term from which they get their name, often come in tiny, sealed packets (though not always glass), and they normally only have enough substance inside them for one application.

The ideal example of skin ampoules is our corrective accelerated clarity renewing ampoules.

What Distinguishes Ampoules from your Standard Face Serums?

Although ampoules and serums have a similar appearance and behavior, there are molecular variations between the two. Both are loaded with potent chemicals and focus on distinct skin problems. Many people appear to believe that an ampoule and a serum are interchangeable, yet ampoules contain more active chemicals than serums do. Ampoules are designed to be used for a brief period to cure a sudden skin issue or if you need your skin to look its best for a major event that is coming up.

Here are some reasons to try ampoules:

Are you debating whether to invest in your first skin ampoule bottle? We believe it will be an excellent idea for the following motives:

  • Pure vitamins and enzymes are among the extremely active substances that are crammed into ampoules in various quantities.
  • It works well for certain skin problems including acne, rashes, or age spots.
  • Due to their high concentration, they nourish your skin more than typical skincare products. Do a patch test to be sure you’re not allergic to them.

Are Ampoules and Serums Compatible?

In reality, Quadha’s Corrective ampoules are intended to be used with our well-known Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Corrector serum. So, yes, you may use ampoules and serums together. When used as directed, these illuminating ampoules assist in enhancing your usual skincare regimen to support radiant, even-looking skin.

Of course, we can’t speak for every item available; some might not work well with your preferred serum. We advise to read the instructions carefully before beginning any ampoule program to make sure the supplement works well with your existing skincare regimen.

How often should Ampoules be used?

How frequently you include ampoules into your regimen is simply a matter of preference; there is no set rule. To brighten your complexion, we generally advise using our two-week ampoule treatment seldom, such as directly after a time of intense stress, soon after a sun-drenched trip, or right before a large event. Follow a brightening skincare regimen in between ampoule programs and apply sunscreen every day to help keep your recently treated skin looking and feeling its best.

Tips from Quadha Singapore:

There are several guidelines to remember if you’ve chosen to use ampoules in your cosmetic practices. Always use a mild cleanser to exfoliate your skin before using the product. A moisturizer should always be used after ampoules to seal in the active ingredients and prevent them from evaporating.

Additionally, ampoules should only be used as a temporary fix. Once you get the results you want, stop using the product. Be careful when using them because they might make your skin more sensitive.

Our ampoules for Pimple and acne treatment were created as a more thorough approach to treating pruritus or persistent acne. The ampoules contain a serum rich in active principles that function synergistically and complementary to each other to provide a successful therapy, taking into account the complicated issues and the vast range of elements involved in acne pathophysiology.

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